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This is a summary of the Privacy Policy. To read the full terms, you'll have to wait until someone writes them.

Disclaimer: This summary is definitely not an actual Privacy Policy and is certainly not a legal document. It isn't even a reference for understanding what could become a Publicity Policy. Think of it as the user-unfriendly interface to something resembling what might in future be a sort of policy document about spying.

Because Egopedia believes you must provide Egopedia with at least an email address to participate in the egocyclopaedia, you may not:

Edit or create Egopedia pages without registering an account.

Register for an account without providing an email address, and (at worst) a fake name.

Because Egopedia intends to pry into user activities on Egopedia, (so we can improve things, of course) Egopedia collects information and tries even to pay attention when users:

Make contributions. Register accounts, create, or update pages. Send Egopedia emails, or participate in surveys, give feedback, or send hate-mail.

Egopedia is honestly pretty certifiable, and committed to:

Managing this asylum.

Describing how user information may be used or shared, and also sharing any information on Egopedia for fun, laughs, or any practically any impractical reason.

Using unreasonable measures to keep personal information secure, so be warned there are no guarantees for anything.

Never selling your information or sharing it with third parties for marketing purposes (this is actually true, Egopedia has no plans to do this, money<ego).

Retaining your data for the longest possible time that is consistent with maintaining, understanding, and improving the Egocyclopaedia.

Be aware:

Any content you add or any change on Egopedia will be publicly and permanently available.
 You can't add content or make changes to Egopedia without creating an logging in, and if you don't like the idea of creating an account and doing that... well, go somewhere else which will allow public and permanent content to be attributed to any random IP address used at the time rather than a username linked to a throwaway email address on a free service on any one of a number of services which allow anyone to do that.
 Our community of volunteer editors and contributors is a self-policing body. Certain administrators wield great power utterly irresponsibly, incorrectly using tools which grant them unlimited access to nonpublic information about recent contributions so they may protect and enforce Egopedia policies, or punish and expel users when desired.

This attempt at a Publicity Policy of sorts does not apply to projects related to Egopedia or any subsidiaries, or sites or services that have actual, real privacy policies (like Wikimedia, for instance) or sites or services run by third parties (like third-party developer projects or other websites which might link to Egopedia).

As part of Egopedia's commitment to education and research, occasional releases of information through data dumps and data sets may happen when deemed necessary, or occasionally on days which end in 'y', or when the time is ripe.

For the protection of Egopedia and its users, if you disagree with the information presented above, you may kindly go elsewhere and attempt to destroy something else which other people have poured their efforts into, to obtain whatever sick and fleeting thrills may come from burning down what others have painstakingly crafted.